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Common Questions!

How long does it take to get results?

Within 30 days you’ll be in stage one: (1bottle): the benefits start almost immediately. you’ll FEEL a noticeable decrease in your blood sugar level. You’ll know this because you have a distinct impression of quickly feeling better all over. You’ve never felt this before.  


Within 60 days you’ll move up to stage two (2 bottles): You’ll get up in the morning feeling youthful, energetic and excited to face the day without the usual discomforts seriously distracting you.


By now, you could easily have the blood levels of somebody half your age, all while seeing meaningful decreases in your cholesterol and triglyceride levels. You now realize all that you wished for is indeed coming true!  


Using Advanced Glucose Discovery for 90 days or more (3+ Bottles): This gift from nature is now unleashing our potent remedies’ full power in your body. You’ll now experience a complete rejuvenation of your blood sugar health, full body blood circulation and a complete restoration of healthy cholesterol, triglycerides and HbA1c levels— all while your SOD and Glutathione levels seriously increase.


Your mental clarity will begin to improve, dropping weight will be made much easier, and you’ll living a long, active life filled with vitality and lasting energy.

Is Advanced Glucose Discovery sold in any stores?


NO, Advanced Glucose Discovery is NOT sold in any retail stores. We sell strictly online to make sure our prices can be as reasonable as possible for you. Advanced Glucose Discovery was on the shelf it would be at least $150 per bottle, accounting for retailers markups. 


Does this formula include any non-natural ingredients?

No, our Advanced Glucose Discovery is vegan, made in the USA, and free from GMOs.

Is it safe? Are there any side effects?

Advanced Glucose Discovery has no side effects. Our formula is completely natural and is made in a 250,000 square foot, U.S. based facility. This facility is CGMP approved and FDA inspected. 

Do I need a prescription for Advanced Glucose Discovery?

No doctors visits or prescriptions are required to try Advanced Glucose Discovery, just scroll down and secure your supply below.


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