"Indiana Jones" of Natural Research Recommends THESE Super Foods for Reversing Diabetes

Hello, my name is Christopher and I am the head of research at the Expert Remedies Institute.


Over the past 46 years, my team and I have helped over 34,587 people in 11 countries reverse their type 2 diabetes and get their dangerously high blood sugar levels under control.


Years ahead of the medical establishment, my team and I have traveled the globe to locate, analyze, and research life-changing healing secrets from the world’s greatest ancient cultures and historic healing manuscripts.


This often means going to the ends of the earth and taking great personal risks to find real remedies for chronic conditions like type 2 diabetes.


I’m very proud to say that we’re now known across America as the real-life “Indiana Jones,” exploring unchartered frontiers for nature’s most miraculous remedies.


Unlike big pharma, we know that nature is like a secret vault filled with amazing super nutrients that can help make a huge difference in how you feel every single day.


Expert Remedies Institute Headquarters! 

We've changed 34,587 lives in eleven countries across the globe

These remedies could be an obscure herb or fruit deep in a Brazilian rain forest, a Tibetan plateau, or in a remote Australian desert. Our mission here at the Institute is to go the distance and find out.


In our recent 11,340-mile quest to find the best diabetes and high blood sugar solution from the ancient world, we traveled to the foothills of the snowcapped Himalayan mountains, the deep jungles of India, and ancient Babylon.

Our Journey Through the "Cradle of Civilization" 08/13/2018

The remedies we discovered along the way where then put under our microscopes—upgrading these long-lost healing treasures from “ancient lore” to confirmed scientific fact. 


Our approach combines ancient and modern healing wisdom that stands head and shoulders above anything else.


In this short presentation, I will reveal to you the most spectacular diabetes reversing discoveries we’ve found from our tireless research and recent travel to these remote, hidden regions.


You’ll learn how you can use these findings to help you lower your blood sugar and even erase your diabetes. That’s why it’s crucial that you watch this entire presentation until the end


These discoveries are unlike berberine, COQ10, white mulberry, or anything you’ve ever tried before. We were the first to uncover these hidden gems from our worldwide travels and exploration. 


These BRAND-NEW breakthroughs are exactly what big pharma HATES, because they can result in the downfall of high prescription prices and slashing their outrageous profits, that cost us so dearly.


To discover our first solution, my team and I embarked on a 16-day trip through the mountainous valleys of ancient Babylon in search of the legendary sugar-destroying “fruit of paradise”.


We began our journey in old mountain cars, specially built for the rugged terrain ahead. But as the roads began to deteriorate and wash away, we were quickly forced to carry on by foot.


We traveled over hazardous weather-beaten cliffs and eventually descended into the lush, humid jungles of the “cradle of civilization”, a region rich in all forms of plant life. Perfect grounds to find health-giving gifts from mother nature. 


After three days of trekking through thick green jungle and tangled underbrush, we finally found this spectacular fruit.


Thick Jungle's Protecting A TRUE Blood Sugar Breakthrough! 08/14/2018


For years, big pharma tried its best to bury this diabetes-reversing discovery, denying its existence. The truth is they didn’t even bother to investigate it. At the Expert Remedies Institute, we knew this was the start of a truly revolutionary discovery.


As we quickly learned from speaking with local villagers, the “Paradise fruit’s” unmatched healing history went back over 4,628 years.


This sacred fruit turned out to be a true miracle compound from the Holy Land, helping people all the way back to Biblical times.  


According to the Bible’s narrative in the Book of Exodus, this paradise fruit was brought to Moses before leading his people to the promised land of Canaan.


It demonstrated the fertility of the country and offered legendary healing powers that kept his people remarkably healthy.


This blessing is described in a historic and moving narrative that we all know today, “a land flowing with milk and honey." 


Modern medical research reveals that this was attributed to the Paradise Fruit’s unique ability to keep his peoples’ immune systems, blood sugar levels, and heart health in outstanding shape.


As we continued to speak with the village elders at dinner that night, we learned that the healing power of the Paradise Fruit actually dated back to before Moses.


This gift from nature was first praised by the world’s oldest and most important medical writing ever discovered, the Eber’s Papyrus dating back to 1,552 BC.


Currently on display in the University of Leizpig’s Museum, tens of millions of people in Babylonian times were treated using this remarkable Healing Scripture.


This ancient medical document contains over 842 remedies for illnesses and injuries, specifically focusing on the heart, diabetes, and the respiratory system.


In the script, it describes great success using the Paradise Fruit for those with urine that “smelled sweet or fruity.”


This ancient theory is confirmed by modern research as “sweet urine” indicates that your body is trying to get rid of excess sugar, disposing of it through your urine. This is one of the first signs of diabetes or high blood sugar.



After 4 long days of extensive research, and a grueling trip back over the steep cliffs, we reflected back upon what we had seen and learned.


Then, when we reached our headquarters back home, we began digging deeper and learned that the Paradise Fruit’s healing history had also caught the attention of the brilliant researchers at the world-leading UCLA Medical School in California.


They too believed that this sacred Paradise Fruit of Biblical times could be the secret to living into your 90’s, eating what you want, and maintaining PERFECT blood sugar scores.


UCLA immediately launched an intense multi-million-dollar research effort into discovering the true power of this legendary paradise fruit.


They were soon stunned by its effectiveness…


You see, UCLA’s elite team of scientists have a history of award-winning innovation spanning many decades.


  • Elizabeth Neufeld received the National Medal of Science for research critical to successfully treating metabolic disorders.

  • Louis Ignarro received the Nobel Prize in Medicine for discovering the awesome healing power of nitric oxide.

  • William Oldendorf invented the 3-D Ultra-Sound Scanner that maps the human body for illness detection, saving millions of lives.

UCLA's brilliant researchers unlock the "Paradise Fruit's" true power! 

It was minds just like these at UCLA that eventually unlocked the true healing power of this superior Paradise Fruit solution.


The super-fine micronized extract they created finally isolated the miraculous compounds that made the pomegranate--also known as the paradise fruit--a health-restoring legend for literally thousands of years.


UCLA’s breakthrough extract even multiplied the paradise fruits blood sugar reducing powers eight times, a jaw-dropping increase.


The outstanding antioxidants and polyphenols from the Paradise Fruit were now able to be absorbed directly into your blood stream— a major health advantage.


Soon medical professionals gathered a group of 139 people to test this new Paradise Fruit extract.



And the results were stunning. In just 30 days, people like you saw…

  • 60% better blood sugar levels after eating

  • 40% lower HbA1c levels

  • 49% lower fasting blood sugar levels

    In addition to…

  • 215% better good cholesterol

  • 39% lower bad cholesterol

  • And 47% lower triglyceride levels

Results like these will let you enjoy every day the way it should be, free from serious blood sugar concerns. Enjoy eating out with your family, and have the energy to keep up with your kids or grandkids. 

Enjoy time with family FREE from serious blood sugar concerns!


Remember, these are verified results from real people, not from lab rats or a test tube.


Here’s another extremely important point


The 139 people who tried this brilliant new extract were already suffering from advanced stages of DIABETES and HEART disease.


In fact, people who were in good or even average shape were kicked out of the study.


They wanted to demonstrate the power of their new Paradise Fruit extract on people who were in the worst state of blood sugar health.


And that’s exactly what it accomplished.


Learning of this amazing news made climbing the wind beaten cliffs and hacking through the deep Babylonian jungles all worth it.


Trekking back through dense jungle and forest 08/18/2018

As we concluded our research on the Paradise Fruit, we began to gear back up for the next leg of our journey.


Our second blood sugar slashing discovery took us to the green foothills of the magnificent Himalayan mountains.


During our investigation, my team and I stayed in Lachung, a small village surrounded by towering snow-capped mountains on all sides. It’s home to the “Valley of Flowers,” and is known for its inhabitants’ wellness and an abundance of natural plant life. 


Our 18-day visit in this truly picturesque village lead us discover a combination of three natural gifts extensively written about in the Charaka Samhita, an ancient Ayurvedic Healing Script.


When combined in very specific ratios, these three powerhouse ingredients revealed truly exceptional blood sugar lowering capabilities.


We began to investigate and hunt down these natural gifts one by one, determined to verify these blood sugar destroying abilities with our own eyes.


The first natural gift we read about is a rare yellow-green berry called Karauda, grown in the breathtaking flower-dotted valleys and green foothills of the Himalayan mountains.


Karauda has been cultivated and prized by villagers throughout the area we camped in for three and a half centuries, and is rich in crucial folate, niacin, Vitamin C and E.


Karauda is also backed by 10 blue-chip human clinical studies that confirm its power to reduce blood sugar levels, cut cholesterol and help prevent blood clots.


Next, the Ayurvedic Healing Script sent us hunting for the purest form of Himalayan Shilijat to combine with the Karauda berry.


Found near-by in the lower Himalayan mountain strata, this miraculous antioxidant rich biomaterial contains fulvic acid and 84 life-giving minerals.


Himalayan Shilijat improves your body's blood sugar levels, immunity, memory, and also acts as a potent anti-inflammatory and long-lasting energy booster.


Next, the Healing Script revealed that we needed to add a unique plant-based chromium to the Karauda berry and pure Himalayan Shilijiat in very specific ratios for maximum effectiveness.


Once we gathered these ingredients and combined them in our camp grounds, the way the Ayurveda healers wrote about, we were completely blown away.


Village herbalist makes 1,000 year old blood sugar destroying recipe 09/4/2018


This unique 3-in-1 combination gives you outstanding blood sugar benefits and improves HbA1c levels, the health of your blood vessels, and restores crucial full-body blood circulation to fight off neuropathy pain.


It has also been shown in clinical studies to make a major difference in your heart health:


Specifically, measures of inflammation in your arteries, triglyceride levels, and key cholesterol levels.  


Best off all, when you reduce your high blood sugar levels, your entire health will benefit. It’s as if your entire body comes alive and you wake up every morning feeling youthful, refreshed, and energetic.


After many days of gathering ingredients, the teachings of the Charaka Samhita were finally confirmed by modern medical science.


We rejoiced as we sat around the campfire under the star-filled Nepalese night sky, ready to pack our bags and continue on our final journey to a mountain range in India’s most remote ghatt region.


Sun sets in the Himalayan foot hills 09/14/2018

For the next transformative ingredient, we boarded a

small bi-plane and began to head west.

After landing, it took several days of hiking through thick jungle to finally reach our destination, the small village of Thannerpallam at the base of the Pachaimalai Hills.


This tiny town was located in the little-known Eastern Ghats, a range of forested, dense mountains along India's eastern coast. This region is known for having perhaps the widest variety of plant life on earth, accounting for the incredible health and long lives of the local inhabitants.


The weeks to follow were a true adventure—trekking even deeper into the remote Eastern Ghats mountains upon the advice of the villagers. 


We believed that these biodiverse grounds were perfect for discovering our next blood sugar lowering ingredient. Since we hadn’t traveled these regions before, an experienced guide was a welcomed addition on this 22-day journey. 


After reaching a small jungle village and speaking with the elders via translation, we confirmed the existence of an emerald-colored leaf we had read about in ancient Indian texts that had the power to quickly combat diabetes.


We then knew we were on the verge of a massive discovery.


What we finally discovered was a true ancient treasure that stood the test of time. Its unmatched blood sugar-lowering abilities date back to the 6th Century Teaching Scripture, when it was known as the “Sword to Defeat Sugar.”


This blood sugar miracle is a rare native vine of the untouched forests of India in the Ghats mountains. It is found nowhere else in the world. 


Its leaves are prized by Ayurvedic doctors and healers alike for their amazing ability to support healthy blood sugar levels. Studies reveal that it also helps significantly reduce your urge for sweet foods.


We learned this legendary emerald colored leaf has been used for 1,435 years in these remote regions, virtually undiscovered by the outside world for its fast-acting, sugar-lowering effectiveness, since confirmed by scores of studies.

Discovery at last! Our team identifies a rare sugar destroying leaf 11/07/2018

Known as Meshashringi, this emerald green leaf delivers truly remarkable sugar-lowering effectiveness that stunned medical experts worldwide.


Meshashringi not only slashes sugar cravings, it actively blocks receptors in your intestines, lowering your sugar absorption after a single meal.


This gives it the rare ability to effectively stop the post-meal energy crash that comes after a large, breakfast, lunch, or dinner.


When given to patients in the worst state of blood sugar health, our fast-acting Meshashringi extract has been shown to lower BOTH blood glucose and HbA1c levels.


It also helps reduce painful inflammation due to its remarkably high tannin and saponin content.


After working closely with our guide and biologist, we were finally able to collect a healthy sample of this emerald leaf from the surrounding jungle, completing the last part of our mission.


Days later, as we finally hiked out of the dense jungle back to the Pachaimalai Hills, we collapsed out of shear exhaustion and excitement.

A long and exhausting hike comes to an end 11/29/2018

After traveling 11,340 miles, we had finally discovered six of the world’s most powerful diabetes reversing ingredients.


We were confident these 6 gifts from nature could truly change people’s lives across the globe, reversing their type 2 diabetes and prediabetes giving them a totally new lease on life.


To save you the impossible task of taking months and spending thousands to source these obscure ingredients, we united this unique combination in the EXACT proportions you need in a brand-new vegan health supplement, Advanced Glucose Discovery.


Our outstanding new U.S. made formula includes everything you or a loved one needs to stay vibrantly healthy and youthful.


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Advanced Glucose Discovery will give you the energy to go for a walk around the neighborhood, take trips with friends, enjoy your favorite hobbies again, or spend time with your kids or grandkids FREE from blood sugar concerns.

With our award-winning combination of 6 unique sugar destroying ingredients, you can finally…

  • DODGE the diabetes bullet altogether
  • NORMALIZE your blood sugar levels
  • IMPROVE insulin response in your body
  • ACHIEVE more freedom in your diet
  • PREVENT blood sugar spikes after a delicious meal
  • REACH AND MAINTAIN your ideal weight
  • STOP your sugar cravings
  • FIGHT OFF pain like never before
  • AND LIVE the life you always wanted, free from everyday worries like before.
  • STOP blood sugar related mental decay

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Look what starts to happen when you take advantage of our formulas 6 nutritional powerhouses:

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And these are just the early benefits


Within 60 days you’ll hit stage 2: where your energy levels will skyrocket, and you can see sugar levels of somebody half your age, all while enjoying decreases in your cholesterol and triglycerides levels.


Now, lets take a closer look at what a full 90+ days can do for you body.


Using Advanced Glucose Discovery for 90 days or more will unleash our potent remedies full power in your body. You’ll experience a complete rejuvenation of your blood sugar health, full body circulation and a complete restoration of healthy cholesterol, tryglyceride and HbA1c levels— all while your SOD and Glutathione levels skyrocket for a massive boost to your overall health.


Your mental clarity will begin to improve, dropping weight will be made much easier, and you’ll begin to really enjoy life the way it should be.



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Soon after we launched, America’s most trusted news sources began to take notice…

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And some of the biggest names in the health industry pushing “private label” supplements with inferior, worthless ingredients.

Low quality "private label" supplements can seriously harm your health

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Now you may be saying “I’m already in good shape, I play tennis one a week with my wife and our friends bob and Gene” “I even go for a daily walk around the neighborhood!”


The truth is this may not be enough, and your overall health may be in serious jeopardy if your sugar levels are high.


Cutting edge medical research now says the key to good health comes down to one simple fact — Your blood sugar levels.


High blood sugar levels are often subtle and hard to detect. Many people don’t recognize this problem until it seriously effects their overall health. 


When you take control of your blood sugar levels…

  • You’ll take control of your mood.

    because your blood chemistry can normalize and dramatically improve.

  • Losing weight can become much easier.

    When your blood sugar levels are too high, your body automatically stores this excess sugar as fat, so you gain weight. Healthy blood sugar levels help stop this.

  • You’ll have sharp-as-a-tack alertness and memory.

    ...so you don’t lose your keys or find it hard to remember daily tasks.


    Your brain is 2% of your body weight, and it uses 25% of your blood sugar to “feed” your brain cells.  High blood sugar prevents your cells from getting this vital fuel.

  • Your energy can be restored to youthful levels.

    Healthy blood sugar levels play a crucial role in avoiding constant exhaustion. When your blood sugar is too high, it dramatically lowers your energy level.


In a shocking new report, the mayo clinic, the #1 ranked U.S. medical authority says…


“Diabetes can cause cognitive decline, and, according to a new study, even prediabetes is linked to dementia.”


Its more urgent than ever you lower your blood sugar levels.


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Advanced Glucose Discovery is already improving blood sugar levels for men and women in 11 countries across the globe.



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When we created Advanced Glucose Discovery, we didn’t just rely on our brilliant team of researchers…


We worked with former NASA Astronaut and scientist Edward Gibson to ensure Advanced Glucose Discovery delivered real results.


Mr. Gibson helped our team outline key principles to follow, making Advanced Glucose Discovery the sugar lowering powerhouse it is today.

Mr. Edward Gibson, Former Head of Research at NASA helped develop our products

After our work together, Mr. Gibson called our efforts a “real breakthrough!”


Remember, this spectacular combination of ingredients is NOT found in any other supplement.


You’re getting the highest sugar-fighting potency available in the world today.  


That’s why my team and I are so proud of Advanced Glucose Discovery.


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AGAIN, with our fast-acting Advanced Glucose Discovery formula, you get:


  • 400 MCG of our supercharged Chromium with Karauda and Himalayan Shilijat

    that slashes blood sugar and HbA1c levels even further, while boosting full body circulation. So you can wake up with a whole new level of enthusiasm towards the day.

  • 400 MG of Meshashringi extract

    …to quickly destroy sugar and block its absorption. Now you’ll be able to stay up and play board games with the family after a satisfying meal

  • 600 MGs of UCLA’s revolutionary Paradise fruit extract..

    …that lowered Hba1c levels 40%, slashed blood sugar 60% after eating, all while improving 3 CRUCIAL heart health numbers.


    Results like these can be seen in 30 days – letting you get back to what you love most.

Importantly, I insisted on including all six of the ingredients in Advanced Glucose Discovery… At the same dose levels that worked so effectively in the clinical studies.


So you could get the same remarkable results


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